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The Athletic Department is committed to assisting and supporting scholar-athletes. 

Athletes attend a supervised and required study hall from the second week of the semester to the week before finals.  Each week attendance is taken, peer study groups form, and mentoring takes place.  Students have a focused time to complete classroom assignments, read their textbooks, and work on their writing projects.

They are encouraged, they receive support, and are linked with peer tutors and volunteers to help them keep their eye on their primary task on campus - to be scholars who succeed.

Just remember....

  • ALL students playing or practising in a semester attend Study Hall.
  • Study Hall is ALL Semester (2nd week of classes to week before finals).
  • ALL contribute to the success of the program: Coaches, Students, Administration and Faculty.


  • Textbooks and/or reading materials
  • Writing materials
  • Syllabi for classes


  • No cellphone, texting, Internet surfing (Facebook, MySpace) or visiting non research /classwork related sites.
  • Tables and chairs moved should be returned at the end of Study Hall.

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